Monday, May 31, 2004

Yussef Ahmed and the MY 5.0 Band

'We come not in rage but with a spoken word on the stage.'

I recently had the opportunity of attending Yussef's Warwick Arts Centre performance - a little treat after particularly exhausting exams. His hard-edged urban poetry style set to an infectious combination of hip-hop, calypso, jazz and reggae was very powerful. However, the band tended to overpower his deliverance which made it all the more difficult to absorb his message. All the same, it was a superb performance and a one of a kind experience for myself, someone new to this unique deliverance of spoken word to music.

Yussef Ahmed bridges the gap between literature and music with his own unique genres of word and sound. Yussef is a London-born artist of Trinidadian parents and is currently based in Birmingham. Yussef pushes this dynamic artform to its outer limits, making for an alternative, topical and witty musical evening.

Yussef was accompanied by his band MY5.0 performing from his new album Against All Odds. This is definately worth giving a good listen ...


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