Saturday, June 26, 2004

Final Day of Term!

I spent the day with my special people: they know themselves. It was pretty emotional. I don't know how I managed to brave it without shedding a tear. I had a very good time at the End of Term Party. Saw pretty much everyone I haven't seen in ages. Said goodbye to the people that matter. It's gonna be a real big challenge to keep in touch with everyone but will try my level best. After all, there are many of those I shall be seeing in London after graduation. The Kenyan connection will have to do with emails after the 16th June.

My time in Warwick has really had a profound impact on myself. I must say I'm grateful, happy, elated and fulfilled by my times at this university. The people I have known and met will remain ingrained in my memory for ever. The friends I have made will be a strong part of my life from now henceforth. God give me the conviction and ability to keep in touch with all these wonderful people.


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