Saturday, June 05, 2004

The Muthokas: May God rest their souls in eternal peace

On Friday 4th June, I learnt of the tragic deaths of my beloved cousin Ruth Wajomba, her husband Mailu Muthoka, their daughter Terry Mweke and Mailu's brother Paul Munyao in a horrific road traffic accident. I cannot even begin to describe the pain and sense of loss I am experiencing.

Ruth was one of my closest and dearest cousins - one of the few selfless, honest and God-fearing people I know. Her warmth was unpretentious, her love for family touching and her zest for life infectious. Her passing has dealt a huge blow to my family. Herself, Mailu and their children Terry and Raphael made a loving young family. They were inseparable, went everywhere together and did everything together. Alas, they almost died together.

Little Raphael is still in hospital, recovering from head injuries and broken legs, unconscious, oblivious to the loss he has just suffered. My heart goes out to my beloved nephew, who loved his father so much and was ever so fond of his younger sister.

This news was broken to me 3 weeks after the accident happened. And I cried my heart out. I cried for the love of Ruth, who had so much going for her, with whom I had shared many an ambition and who was always looking to better herself and the lives of her family.

I cried for Mailu, who perished with his brother, a kind, warm and friendly gentleman, whose commitment towards his family was evident in the way he doted on his children and spent so much quality time with. He was also very spiritual. I had the joy of attending a Sunday mass at their local church in which Terry recited a Bible verse. Both Ruth and Mailu were active members of the Church. Ruth had a lovely singing voice - she led the Soprano voices in the church choir. And they were bringing up their children in the same vein.

I cried for Terry - a girl so full of life her eyes smiled. A little girl so polite at her tender age she always made my heart sing with joy when she said 'thank you' or 'please'. Always at the top of her class.

Raphael and his uncle, Ruth's brother Kisaka were the sole survivors of this tragic accident. May God give them the strength to overcome their grief and the courage to accept the loss of their loved ones and move on. I ask God to take the future of Raphael into His own hands - for You alone know why You let this come to pass. May Your will be done.


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