Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Raphael Muthoka's health

I only just learnt today that my little nephew Raphael is out of the ICU and his condition is improving. Although I don't have any details yet, it is still very very encouraging to hear this.

I only wish I were there to see him. It still hurts to think of this tragedy but the pain is slowly lessening. Since I always shut people off in times like this, I guess it will take a little longer for me to heal.

My eyes still well with tears whenever I see or hear anything even remotely connected to my memories of the Muthokas. The hurt is still there, maybe not as intense, or maybe I'm just getting over the shock of the news and beginning to grieve. Either way, I just want to wake up one morning and hear Ruth's voice on the phone, asking when I can come over to her's to spend the weekend. Or hear the doorbell ring and open the door to meet Terry and Raphael running into the house shouting, excited to be visiting again.

Its so hard.....


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