Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Religious Fanatics

If there is something that really ticks me off, it is people who take it upon themselves to judge others on their religious standing. I mean, if that is not hypocritical, then what is?

It is clearly stated in the Bible that as Christians, we should not judge one another for we are all sinners and the passing of judgement is reserved for the Lord alone.

So where the hell (forgive me - its just for emphasis) do these people get off telling others how they should live their lives as Christians and what they are doing wrong that they should not be doing???

I have no problem with those of our brethren who are confident in their faith and would wish to share that joy of their own spiritual fulfillment. However - every care and sensitivity should be employed in not crossing to the extreme of criticising others if they do not 'measure up' to one's individual spirituality and sense of oneness with God.

Stuart Wilde once said that 'pride that you express to others is ego; pride that you express silently to yourself is real pride'

Personally, I don't need some stranger telling me how i should communicate with God. After all, spirituality is a personal relationship and I know where I stand between myself and my Lord. And that's that!


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