Thursday, June 10, 2004

Things don't just happen ... they happen just (Dr. Johnnie Coleman)

I've been trying to understand the recent demise of 5 family members in the most tragic of circumstances. And the question that kept popping into my mind was ... "why them?"

Why did it have to be that the Muthokas' car that had a road traffic accident that evening?

Why did it have to be that Ruth and her husband both died that night?

Why did it have to be that both Mailu and his brother died that night?

Why did young Terry have to perish with her parents?

Why is Raphael now an orphan?

One would probably feel compelled to ask me ... "why not them?" "Would you like to recommend someone else?"

Then it occurred to me. Perhaps I was being selfish. I am not the first person to have experienced such a loss, and history tells me I probably won't be the last. So what makes me feel that I am somehow not entitled to suffering such grief?

Maybe with time I will learn to accept this lot as my lot - a path towards increasing my faith in God. Very very tasking at the moment ...

Perhaps I will come to know that this too will pass as a sojourn into strengthening my ability to endure ...

Johnnie says that things happen the way they should, at just the right time and to the right people.

But still ...

I can't help asking, thinking, praying ...

Why me?


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